About Us (me)

I am Shanjei from India    

Website creator: Shanjei

Full name: Shanjei.G

DOB: 27/12/1995

Location: India

Mail ID(s): glshanjei@gmail.com (frequently checking one)

Facebook: Shanjei Guna

Ztage forum: Shanjei

WLM : shanjei@live.co.in

Hobbies: Playing LF2, video games | Site creation | Music | Watching movies | Stories

Occupation: Student (11th Standard)

Other Websites: forumlf2.proboards.com



This is my NEW! Site


Our Users

I don't know who use this site. But they may be

    a) a member or guest from LF2 forums

    b) a visitor from www.lf2stage.top-site-list.com

    c) a searcher from any search engines


History of project

I first created my Homepage in Webs. But it looks harder. So i created another in Webnode and ignored previous. After two month, my homepage looks somewhat like a personal page. I wanted a Website exclusively for LF2. So i decided to start this project "LF2 - Reloaded"


2000+ >>>3000!

07/04/2012 15:51
We reached 2000 and its very late but okay and soon it will get more than 3000 visits. What's NEW: My new LF2 location: LF2Fury Battle Station

1000+ Visits

02/07/2011 18:35
Thanks we got 1300+ visits in this website... Hope we develop more and more.. Thanks for visiting my site frequently. Thanks everyone!

Visitors notice

24/01/2011 12:24
Little Fighter Reladed site Launched. You can enter the site with two URLs: lf2-reloaded.com.br.tc and lf2-realoaded.webnode.com. Website is still in development. You can also offer your files about LF2 here. E-Mail me for more info - glshanjei@gmail.com.  

About HF said by Marti

23/10/2009 02:41
Marti said,  To players, After 1 year development, first version of HeroFighter was released on 31 July, 2009. Hero Fighter Official website It is an incredible experience to work on what I love most! I would like to thank my family who give me so much support. HeroFighter is 100% free....