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2000+ >>>3000!

07/04/2012 15:51
We reached 2000 and its very late but okay and soon it will get more than 3000 visits. What's NEW: My new LF2 location: LF2Fury Battle Station

Character Update!

09/07/2011 22:28
1 New Character added! Nino - added to the Character Download menu Click here

1000+ Visits

02/07/2011 18:35
Thanks we got 1300+ visits in this website... Hope we develop more and more.. Thanks for visiting my site frequently. Thanks everyone!

Photogallery Update

02/07/2011 18:25
1 New Photo added! LF2 Wallpaper 4 added to the gallery.... Click here

Location Update

02/07/2011 17:23
1 New Location added! T-Ground added to the list.... Click here

How to have a match SETUP/ FAQ by XII

30/01/2011 14:48
How to have a match SETUP/ FAQ 1. How you find players to play with through the internet? Posting saying I am going to challenge all, all anyone wanna fight me is kinda pointless if you dont have an instant messenger. Normally most player uses MSN messenger here, although other messenger are fine...

Visitors notice

24/01/2011 12:24
Little Fighter Reladed site Launched. You can enter the site with two URLs: and Website is still in development. You can also offer your files about LF2 here. E-Mail me for more info -  

First blog

24/01/2011 12:23
Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

About HF said by Marti

23/10/2009 02:41
Marti said,  To players, After 1 year development, first version of HeroFighter was released on 31 July, 2009. Hero Fighter Official website It is an incredible experience to work on what I love most! I would like to thank my family who give me so much support. HeroFighter is 100% free....
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