What is Little Fighter 2?

Little Fighter 2 (shortly LF2) is a sequel fighting game created and published by Marti wong and Starsky wong in 1999. After many improved versions like 1.9, 1.9c, 2.0 now the version 2.0a is latest one. You can download it from the link in my(this) site.


For more info, better to visit the official site:






Who are you?

I am Shanjei from India. I first got LF2 form a CD free with a book in 2007. Then i become a LF2 fan. In 2010 i registered as a member in Little Fighter 2 official Forum. Then i created a homepage for me shanjei95.webnode.com. In 2011, i created this site.

About Download section

In my download section you can find some LF2 mods, backgrounds, characters, etc. linked for download and also offered by me. To upload your file mail me about it and attach the file that you want to place here.