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23/10/2009 02:41

Marti said, 

To players,

After 1 year development, first version of HeroFighter was released on 31 July, 2009.
Hero Fighter Official website
It is an incredible experience to work on what I love most! I would like to thank my family who give me so much support.

HeroFighter is 100% free. The game can survive only if it has enough player population. So its success totally relies on your support. You can help by:
1. Introduce this game to your classmates, friends, cousins...
tell your friends about this game on facebook

2. Install HeroFighter toolbar (by using it you can chat with me and other HF players)

3. Help improve the game by giving suggestions/comments in:
Hero Fighter official Forum (this forum)
HF Facebook Game Group (Join to get informed for future update)
HF Empire (official fansite)

Hero Fighter is still under development and it will keep updated from time to time. Stay tuned and I wish you would love it.

Marti Wong
Oct 2009


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