How to have a match SETUP/ FAQ by XII

30/01/2011 14:48

How to have a match SETUP/ FAQ

1. How you find players to play with through the internet?

Posting saying I am going to challenge all, all anyone wanna fight me is kinda pointless if you dont have an instant messenger. Normally most player uses MSN messenger here, although other messenger are fine but we strongly encourage MSN messenger.

Anyway, if you wanted to find an opponent and you want to increase the chance PLZZZZZ
i) Keep your topic sweet, dont boast about - pride comes before down fall
ii) Include your msn - so that it is easier to look for player
iii) State which country you are from - stating the country is IMPORTANT, cause it may be noon if you are living in canada, but people may be sleeping in other country like in hongkong.
iv) your internet connection- if you do not want to want to end up having a game that LAGS and LAGS and LAGS, pls, have a good connection, and connect to someone near your country (or in your country)
v) State if you are using router/firewall - some type of internet connection is unable to host/join game.

2. Where do you get an MSN messenger
search for MSN Messenger
the login ID is the same as your hotmail account
to get a hotmail account

3. Its SOOOOOO laggy, how to players actually play in it?
well, just some tips from old players
If you cant find a bunch of players who can provide a no lag battle, then you can step out and learn in lag, u can see a hell lot more of tricks.

How to played in lag
To get a normal punch
HOLD DOWN 'A' Button for 1-2 sec
use a move
HOLD DOWN 'D' for 1-2 sec
see ur character defend, then HOLD DOWN '>' 1-2 sec
then HOLD DOWN 'A' till u execute the move

4. Also, only challenge people in Dual Appointment Room only, PLS DO NOT POST UNDER GENERAL

finally, Thanks a lot guys for reading

good luck and hope everyone will find a good LF2 online battle


(from LF2 Official Forum)